Top Apps For Creating Gifs On Android Phones


Nowadays you can see gifs all over the Internet. Gifs became so familiar to almost everyone that every one prefer gifs than images or videos. But there are few people even now who don’t even know about giphy or gifs. Gifs are more than an image or photo or picture and less than a video. These are short or small videos which can be downloaded quickly with less efforts and less complications. Gifs on giphy became so popular because of its features like it consumes less time to download as well as it is a video which is of just few seconds. It is more than a photograph but less than a video which consists of a minute or more than that.

As said before gifs are just a part of videos so they contain content of comedy, romance, hatred,etc etc. Now you might be thinking that is that possible that if you want to create your own gif . Yes, it is possible to create your own giphy or gif. There are 2 possible ways to do it. The very first way is to turn your camera that converts it into a small video or gif or giphy. This method is quite easy and simple but if don’t want to adopt this method there is also another way available which is gif tool that makes gifs or giphy. You can use either any method particularly or both the methods. It’s all up on you that how you want to create your gif on giphy.

Camera MX

Camera MX is one of the best application for creating gif on android smartphones this application was developed by Magic software which is established in Germany it has more than 1 million of downloads on the Google Play Store and it is available for free of cost on Google Play Store for the Android smartphone users in the recent update or latest update of this application the developer have fixed the minor issues which were complaint by the users who were using this application and they have also extend amazing tissue which was like it was not responsible for the photo not being saved properly on users Android smartphone it has some a nap products which can be purchased in Rupees 39 2 Rupees 119 for per items user have reviewed it at 4.3 which is quite good for this application what are some mind buying futures like it provide the uses for the high quality images I also optimise automatically and guess the high quality photos in the small or low light.

it also sports all the revolution the resolutions and some various ratios with the camera Salon into the user it also helps the user for customising the picture quality which can be settled in the camera settings of in application the user can even record the videos like fast motion timelapse and they can even apply the filters and effects also in the video recording. You can use these features in YOWhatsApp APK.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera, this application was developed by semaphore company which is established in Greece it has more than one millions of download on the Google Play Store it can be easily download and installed on Google Play Store for the Android smartphone users but for this at minimum required the 5.0 Android version then only it can be installed and download it works well as per the Android version will be great in the recent update of this application the developer has fixed some works is which were complaint by the users and it has also improved their features it has amazing photo and video quality it also integrate sick gallery and the slider of the application.